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We tell you a story…

“In the Forest of the Cedars of God, in the north of Lebanon, there was a majestic cedar.
He had been standing there for 200 years, watching imperturbable the time passing by and, growing old, he became more and more imposing. Discreet witness of the passage of time.
Tall and solemn, he knew that his destiny was to observe and keep secrets for hundreds of years, giving strength and inspiring wisdom to all those who looked at him. And that, to be honest, was his dream.
But reality does not always take into account dreams and the incorruptible cedar of Lebanon, symbol of firmness, stability, cited in the bible, fell ill: a fungus began to attack it from the inside, sculpting its mighty trunk.”

“At that moment we met him: a strong and proud tree,
which kept the hopes and desires of hundreds of people.
We could not let it end this way…its wood still emanated a unique, fragrant and balsamic aroma, and the wood was still so massive that it almost didn’t look like a sick cedar.
That tree must continue to live, it was a promise!
We cut its trunk transversely, getting “cross sections”: incredible as it was carved inside, the mushroom had created a hole in the center giving us a unique raw material.”

That trunk has been modeled in exclusive objects and design, unique pieces as was the cedar. We made perfect circles of transparent resin to insert these sections of the trunk, while for others we preferred to follow the irregular shape of the wood and obtain a more natural effect.
We owed a debt to this tree and we gave it a second chance!
That majestic cedar of Lebanon continues to live in our homes, where he still listens to stories and keeps secrets…as a symbol of wisdom and long life!

Here is the life of one of our creations.