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Our aim is to create a precious case able to emphasize its content, a precious “time capsule” represented by the resin, to transfer to the contemporary design the suggestions, the emotions, the tactile and visual pleasure of a more than precious material.

It’s the nature that being scrutinized, understood and replicated, merges with art, and it’s transformed by the three-dimensionality of the resin in amazement, memory and visual ecstasy.

Azimut Design: interior design elements and customized realizations made with transparent resin.


Latest Realization

Something unique
and exclusive

In the Forest of the Cedars of God, in the north of Lebanon there was a majestic cedar. He stood there from 200 years, watching imperturbable the passage of time and, growing old, became more and more imposing. Discreet witness of the passage of time.

Tall and solemn, he knew that his destiny was to observe and keep secrets for hundreds of years, giving strength and inspiring wisdom to all those who looked at him. And that, to be honest, was his dream. But reality does not always take into account dreams and the incorruptible cedar of Lebanon, symbol of firmness, stability, cited in the bible, fell ill: a fungus began to attack it from the inside, sculpting its mighty trunk…


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