Azimut Design: claddings and products made of transparent resin

Azimut Design is the inspiring muse of the material poetry that we are presenting, a lyrical composition that does not use words, but colors and shapes of nature to create emotions, presenting new chromatic suggestions, with surprising combinations that evoke a new age of design : airy leaves, metals, stones and precious woods coming from all over the world. These works of art are created to decorate your spaces with our creativity, with customized solutions designed according to the wishes and needs of our customers.

Made exclusively with special vitreous and transparent resins of the highest quality, they guarantee the durability and resistance of their perfectly smooth and compact surfaces.

For the scrupulous attention we dedicate to the choice of materials, for the continuous technological research and for the most innovative design solutions, we are today one of the leading companies in the sector, and we are proud to share with you our path of excellence, to bring together luxury to a higher step.


Azimut Design creates with its works effects ranging from the natural to the technological, from the surreal to the marine world.
Azimut gives a new meaning to transparency, finding magic links between objects and depth.
Every product is unique, the result of ongoing research of materials and technology.
Each of our client is followed step by step to realize the dream of a world made in their image.
Every space obtain with our products their own personality.
New shapes are related to space, aesthetics and functionality are drawing the lines of a contemporary design.


The first phase of the work is done entirely by hand by skillful artisans.
The production process is very long and meticolous.
All the materials are fully immersed in clear resin, and after a slow process of polymerisation, the items are ready for the finishing.

There are many opportunities to use products made of transparent resin. For this reason Azimut resine is always at disposal of the customers to offer new and unusual solutions. Materials to be inserted are countless and every day we are asked to make innovative combinations. Claddings made of resin can be installed on every kind of surface and, as a company, we can insert anything in epoxy resin, thanks to our experience. Fantasy is the only limit.

Annalisa lago - Azimut Design

Annalisa Lago, CEO Azimut design

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